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July 12, 2007


Greg Morrow

Technically, in Batman #1, the Joker poisoned the man's cat, not dog.

Also, I usually like to point out that Bane's shtick of releasing everyone from Arkham/Blackgate was a rip-off, because Ra's al-Ghul did the same thing back in Batman #400.

Dave Van Domelen

Peter David tried to do that sort of thing with Major Disaster during Underworld Unleashed, giving him the ability to see how the little things could snowball into big things via chaos. Really interesting power, but totally ignored by almost everyone afterwards, who preferred the old "I can make a volcano!" powers. It'd take someone with the clout to enforce Joker's behavior in other books to make such a plan last long enough to pay off.

Andrew Hickey

See, this kind of thing is why they should just put you in charge of every comic DC are putting out...


I thought Bane's plan was brilliant, in that it was so simple. He wanted to beat the Batman, by whatever means at his disposal. He used Batman's past, and his knowledge and correct reading of how Batman would deal with the released inmates, as a blunt, but effective, weapon to beat him down, and then sweep in and finish him.

Rob Rogers

The "Joker problem" is one that has bothered me for a long time, and I think you've come up with a terrific solution to it.

Of course, I'm also bothered by the idea that in order to defeat the Joker once and for all, Batman -- or another hero -- has to kill him. Since the Joker's highest goal is to be feared and renowned as the world's most brilliant, dangerous master criminal, the worst thing one could do to him would be to erase him from the public eye -- remove every mention of the Joker's existence from the newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet. He'd be a performer without an audience.

And I'd love to see Oracle be the one to do it.

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